Cash Money Sites [Is it a SCAM or a Real Opportunity?]

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Cash Money Sites claims to provide you with “cash flow websites” that typically generate “$1000 a day for new partners” but is Cash Money Sites a scam or a real online business opportunity?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “if something sounds too good to be too truth, it probably is…”

In this Cash Money Sites review, we’re going to take a look at this done-for-you online business and see if Cash Money Sites is legit or just another money-grabbing scam.

Cash Money Sites Review Summary

Product Name: Cash Money Sites

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing

Product Creator: “Josh”

Price: $37 + upsells

Best For: The anonymous creator of Cash Money Sites

Summary: Cash Money Sites claims to provide purchasers with a “cash flow website” that generates $1000 a day for new partners. Apparently this website is done for you, all you have to do is pay $37 to get your passive income generating website delivered to you.

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No

What is Cash Money Sites?

That’s the ultimate question, isn’t it. What exactly IS Cash Money Sites?

The website and “explainer video” is purposely evasive. There’s a lot of talking happening with no real information being given besides a “cash flow website” that generates thousands of dollars on autopilot.

The method that Cash Money Sites is referring to is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online, but Cash Money Sites is not the magical unicorn that is going to allow you to make thousands of dollars online without putting in hard work (that doesn’t actually exist.)

Cash Money Sites makes outlandish and outrageous income claims that only serve to lure unknowing people into opening their wallet.

Can You Really Make Money With Cash Money Sites?

Cash Money Sites claims that the average “new partner” makes $1000/day. They even claim that the “cash flow website” that is “waiting for you” just made $135 during the video presentation you were watching (see screenshot below:)

Cash Money Sites Income Claims

This sounds pretty good (if a little unbelievable), right?

So, can you REALLY make money with Cash Money Websites?

The people who stand to make the most money (by FAR) from Cash Money Websites are the creators, who happen to be anonymous.

After the creators, the following people will make money from Cash Money Websites:

  • Affiliates who promote Cash Money Websites to others
  • The paid actors who created fake testimonials for the Cash Money Websites sales page (more on that later)

I hate to be the one to burst anyone’s bubble (actually that’s not true – I love doing that, because it helps you avoid being scammed) but you’re EXTREMELY unlikely to make any money from Cash Money Websites, despite the outrageous income claims.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online, but you cannot buy a “cash flow website” like Cash Money Sites promotes, for $37.

Let’s think about this logically for one second – if Cash Money Sites had all of these “cash flow websites” out there on the interwebz, generating $1000/day why on earth would they be selling them for $37?

Based on average website valuations, a website that is generating $1000/day in revenue would be worth over $1,000,000. That’s ONE MILLION dollars, not $37.

Cash Money Sites Fake Testimonials

A common hallmark of get-rich-quick schemes and scams is the use of fake testimonials.

There’s a website called Fiverr where you can hire paid spokespeople to do create testimonial videos for you for as little as $5.

Of course, I did some research to see if Cash Money Sites was using fake testimonials to promote their product and, lo and behold, look what I found:

Cash Money Sites Fake TestimonialsCash Money Sites Fake Testimonial

The same gentleman who leaves a glowing testimonial of Cash Money Sites can be hired to create product video presentations or demo’s on Fiverr.

If Cash Money Sites has so many partners making $1000/day then why are they hiring actors to make fake testimonials?

Is Cash Money Sites a Scam?

In my opinion, Cash Money Sites is a scam.

Let’s do a brief overview of why I came to this conclusion:

  • Outrageous income claims
  • Fake creator (“Josh”)
  • Fake testimonials
  • No information on what the “cash flow website” actually is

In conclusion, I do not recommend Cash Money Sites as a legitimate way to make money online, like with Monat Global, AOJ work from home jobs, or Arbonne.

Making money online takes time and hard work – there are no “plug and play” or “done for you” systems that are going to provide you with a passive income generating website without any work (or very large monetary investment) on your part.


Danielle is the owner of Leave Your 9-5 a blog about legitimate ways to make money from home and find ways to save. Danielle has been side hustling for 5 years and loves sharing legitimate opportunities to earn more money.

6 thoughts on “Cash Money Sites [Is it a SCAM or a Real Opportunity?]

  1. Daniela thank you for your honesty and direct answer I will definitely be referring back to you when I come across another potential opportunity/scam

  2. I am wondering if there is a legitaimate . work at home opportunity out there i have not found one even if it was asvertised one a legitaimate site they all have amounted to B.S.i am burned out .just the waste of my time listening to their sales pitch is enough to give a serious rash.the countless surveys completed without earning one penny but within minutes getting bombarded with phone calls is more than annoying.the companies involved with this crap i will.not do buisness with .i dont approve of the lies.oh they may claim “its just buisness” .in my book its lies .always hasbeen so leave me alone pedal your garbage somewhere else.

    1. I am open to hearing something honest and straightforward that delivers what it claims….if this is real i will be pleasantly suprised

  3. Danielle, I am so happy to find honest person , what is today very rear. I am trying to do some work from home about 10 years, without any success, mainly because of scam and froud. I am looking forward to hear from you to show me what I need to do in order to start earning money I desperately need.

    1. The internet is so filled with scams, I would always be wary of anything that tells you you can make thousands of dollars right away. Especially if upfront fees are involved!

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